Jan Palach – Soundtrack for a movie by Robert Sedláček, premiere Aug 21, 2018

TEMPORIS has been performed on May 5. – 7., 2018 by great french conductor Bruno Ferrandis as part of the abo-series of Santa Rosa Symphony, California – the cimbalom part performed by Jan Mikušek.

Electro-acoustic pieces 2013 – 2017 with amazing performers:
String Noise Duo, Tomáš Liška, Jindřich Pavliš, Jaromír Typlt.

Digital album (FLAC / Mp3) online at Supraphon,
Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify a. o.

:: Apr 28, 2018: Long Sentence I. for piano quintet to be performed at the UC Santa Cruz, California, featuring the great Del Sol Quartet and Ben Leeds Carson on piano.

:: Mai 5. – 7., 2018: Temporis – concerto for cymbalom and large orchestra in its US premiere in Santa Rosa Symphony (CA), USA, conducted by Bruno Ferrandis

:: Mai 25, 2018: Škrábanice / Scribbles – Long Night of Museums, Náchod, CZ

:: Mai 31, 2018Hejl – Rataj – Tichý – Žárský
Atrium Žižkov, 19.30.

:: Jan Palach – feature movie by Evy Kantůrková and Robert Sedláček, first show Aug 21, 2018

Pivnica / The CELLAR – new movie by Igor Voloshin… coming soon in 2018

D is for DIVISION – film essay by Davis Simanis with soundtrack by MR.