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Michal Rataj’s soundtrack composer reel 2020

:: Advent calendar for ears – new sounds / composers every other day …  join now !

Watch the video by Marek Kimey Matvija with the Cellacusmata piece performed by Tomáš Jamník on cello.

:: Aug 29, 2020, NODO festival 2020, Ostrava, CZ
Aphasia Studies – new music theatre piece for the NODO festival produced together with librettist and stage director Katharina Schmitt. Featuring mezzo-soprano Katalyin Karolyi as well as great Slowak cello player Andrej Gál and Tiburtina Ensemble.

Beside the Point: M. Rataj, J. Typlt, M. Kimei Matvija.

An animation movie by Magdalena Kvasničková.

Art’s Birthday 2020 – an archive recording of the Škrábanice / Scribble from the Czech Radio Vltava live broadcast, Jan 17, 2020, Liberec, Czech Republic.

HORNSCAPE – looking for a new musical language with Luboš Soukup and Oskar Török.

credits: Karel Cudlín

HORNSCAPE music video

:: Aphasia Studies – new radio composition with textx by Katharina Schmitt.

Škrábanice / Scribble – new album 2020 to be announced later this year – featuring explusive soloists Tomáš Liška (double-bass), Ivan Boreš (electric guitar) and Marek Matvija (shakuhachi)